I live in Northeast USA shoreline SE Connecticut. Capturing infinitely thin slices of time. Cameras: AgfaChief, Ansco Readyflash, Agfa Ansco Pioner, Argus C-3, Argus a2b, Argus a2f, Киев 4, Belomo Vilia, Holga 120 WPC, Holga 120CFN, Киев 6с , Фед 1, Фед 2, Фед 5, Instax, Sprocket Rocket, Ломо Смена 8м, Vivitar PN2011. Film: Lomography, CineStill, Fuji, Kodak, Свема, Foma films.


I welcome all longer messages as I tend to be verbose and voluble, though some might say I am garrulous and long-winded. Either way sharing stories and ideas is as important as the beautiful images shared on this community. Finding the courage to write to a complete stranger is, understandably, a difficult thing especially in our technological and potentially dehumanizing sound bite age, but again I welcome extended dialogue.

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