New Rewards for the Lomography Smartphone Scanner


Time is now running out to pledge for the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner, so if you want to join in now’s the time. The good news? We’re getting ever closer to our big stretch goal of $250,000, we’ve introduced some amazing last-minute pledges and we’ve got more example scans to share with you all!

Hungry for more examples of just what the Lomography Scanner can do? We hooked Lomographer extraordinaire sixsixty with a Film Scanner and let him loose on those films! You can check out a full gallery of the results here

New Pledge Rewards

If you’re thinking about pledging, we’ve made the decision even easier with some brand-new reward pledges.

Pledge $90

You will receive the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner but you’ll also receive the fantastic Russian-made Zenit 122K 35mm SLR camera with an extra Zenit Belt thrown in – all at amazing price!

Pledge $200

You will be one of the first to receive the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner and the breathtaking MC Zenitar-M 2.8/16 Fisheye Lens. This lens is compatible with all camera featuring an M42 mount, including Cosina, Mamiya, Pentax, Praktika, Ricoh, Yashica, and Zenit models!

Help Us Spread the Word

Help us let the online world we are still making fun stuff for the offline world! If you have a blog, you can post a short article about the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner and make yourself 5 Piggy Points in the process. Find out more here

For more information, or if you want to help support the project and get your hands on your own Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner, head over to our Kickstarter page

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En yeni Kickstarter projemizi sunmaktan inanılmaz heyecan duyuyoruz: Lomo’Instant Square. Bahsettiğimiz dünyanın ilk tamamen analog kare format Instax fotoğraf çeken makinesi. Süper keskin fotoğraflar için 95mm cam lense, pozlama değerini kendi ayarlayan otomatik moda ve Lomography'e özgü tüm yaratıcı özelliklere sahip - ve tabii ki kompakt, katlanabilir bir tasarıma. Lomo’Instant Square Kickstarter üzerinden satışa sunuldu. Hemen bize katıl ve bu makineye Kickstarter üzerinden, planlanan perakende satış fiyatına oranla %35 indirimle sahip ol. Tekliflerimiz tükenmeden bizi desteklemeyi unutma!

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