29 Reasons Why You Should Own An LC-A Camera

What’s the best Lomography camera for newbies? We say – invest in a Lomo LC-A. In honor of its 29th birthday, we listed the 29 reasons why the Lomo LC-A is a must-have!

Photo by: larahacefotos

1. It’s a classic!

Credits: jmcedo

2. It’s pet-friendly.

Credits: lomomowlem

3. You don’t need to look through the viewfinder to compose cool mirror portraits!

Credits: the_fstops_here

4. It’s so easy to use, you can snap a photo with one hand.

Credits: dylbot

5. If you’re experimental enough, it will reward you with unbelievable shots like this:

Credits: hodachrome

6. It’s easy to get astounding results – just use slide film and have it cross-processed.

Credits: gatokinetik-o

7. You can even take it underwater (just make sure it’s enclosed in the Krab!)

Credits: traaaart

8. It’s sexy.

Credits: fafascinado

9. The Multiple Exposure switch makes it easy to go artsy!

Credits: izadrazi

10. It won’t scare away kids.

Credits: jennson

11. It’s nostalgic.

Credits: juditto

12. It’s compact and discreet, so you can quickly snap a photo without disturbing your subject.

Credits: sushi_9009

13. The sky looks more magical through the LC-A.

Credits: gocchin

14. The LC-A makes night scenes more mysterious and intriguing.

Credits: mingkie

15. It has the ability to make mundane objects look more interesting.

Credits: life_on_mars

16. It brings out the beauty even in dreary weather.

Credits: bravebird

17. It transforms humdrum situations into magnificent moments.

Credits: trash-gordon-from-outer-space

18. Who says it’s only great in color? It works best with black & white film too!

Credits: gocchin

19. It gives a warm, analogue vibe to instant photos (when used with LC-A Instant Back+)!

Credits: beni

20. Paired with the Splitzer, you can slice and dice your images to make them more surreal.

Credits: mont0417

21. You can easily customize it to make it truly your own. (Pictured is an LC-Wide you can try the tip on your LC-A+ too!)

Photo by bao_wei

22. It’s romantic!

Credits: romeria

23. Silhouette/shadow snapshots look awesome.

Credits: mok

24. Nighttime shots look stunning!

Credits: ohlordy

25. Paired with a Colorsplash Flash, your photos will be even more vibrant.

Credits: life_on_mars

26. The vignette adds a nice touch to your photos.

Credits: anarchy

27. Pair it with the LC-A Fisheye Lens to get a different perspective!

Credits: mephisto19

28. Try using it against the light and it still produces amazing results.

Credits: bebopbebop

29. And the Lomo LC-A+ is now available at 29% off until Sunday June 23! That should be reason enough to buy the legendary LC-A+ today!

Credits: kleinerkaries

The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

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