After sunrise at home ⛅🏠

Can't imagine this many years ago photo are normally stay at home because of Ozzy Osbourne's bat pandemic view that I could possibly snap since March 2020 until early June 2020 when the authorithy allowed the people to passing the big street again with using masker or face shield but this pandemic really ruin my enjoyness to snap live event such as Sundanese traditional dance or cute dangdut singer 😂😢 I'm truely have no motivation to snap this boring town at this pandemic situation with masker on my face which made me can't drink because even people didn't use masker when they are eating outside but for me that's make no sense when you don't know where you can get the virus from so I choose to using masker everytime I go outside and still haven't found attractive moment to snap

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    Love the Big Sky look ;-)

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    very beautiful!

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