Topcon RE super

Topcon RE Super, found in at Prawn Pawn Shop about 1987 for US$100, near new condition. Better than Nikon in 1963, but not marketed as well.

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  1. fotohelmut
    fotohelmut ·

    Here you can the Exakta - recognize bayonet.
    Does this camera have internal light metering?

  2. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    @fotohelmut This is a 1962 vintage Topcon RE Super. It's got Exacta Bayonet and internal light meter (still works!!!). Has not been pressed into service yet. I, also, have a genuine US Navy Beseler Topcon Super D, 1963 vintage (light meter works, too), and a lot of lenses, and there are a couple of albums with it. The quartz lens fits these, and I have a UVA passing filter (320-380nm, utterly black). There will be UV photos on fast tungsten film this Spring. Topcon RE Super might be first internal TTL light meter SLR. Anyway, look here:… Read the comments with article. LSI edited the article badly, changing the title to "A Battle Camera" from "Main Battle Camera" (like "main battle tank"). They also removed the camera's data, because of fear of "copyright violation", and refused to change anything back. They also said they "improved" the English of my title. Anyway, look at the data in the comments, and I would NEVER attempt to correct anyone's German. I use Google Translator. Enjoy!

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