I've been in love with photography since ever, but after several years of digital, I almost forgot how to shoot with analog cameras. Fortunately, during a garage renovation I found my dad's old 35 mm "Vilia" from the Soviet era, it brought me back a lot of good memories as almost all my childhood photos were taken with it. I cleaned it and with a little maintenance I realized that it still works perfectly. Then I decided to try analogue photography again after more than 15 years. So here I am back to shooting some films and making my Canon DSLR jealous of this enduring masterpiece of analogue technology.

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  • Albüm: Old Havana

    katanga tarafından, 2024-02-13 tarihinde paylaşıldı · 2 Fotoğraf
  • Albüm: Bangkok in B&W

    katanga tarafından, 2023-07-06 tarihinde paylaşıldı · 24 Fotoğraf
  • Albüm: Bangkok Canals

    katanga tarafından, 2023-05-23 tarihinde paylaşıldı · 21 Fotoğraf
  • Albüm: Ayutthaya

    katanga tarafından, 2023-04-08 tarihinde paylaşıldı · 13 Fotoğraf
  • Albüm: B & W Trial

    katanga tarafından, 2023-04-05 tarihinde paylaşıldı · 19 Fotoğraf
  • Albüm: Bangkok

    katanga tarafından, 2023-03-23 tarihinde paylaşıldı · 23 Fotoğraf