• My Happy Accidents!

    lightblue tarafından 2011-04-08 tarihinde yazıldı
    My Happy Accidents!

    Well, they say Lomography is just that: expect the unexpected! Many of my favorite pictures are the result of some accidents. You want me to tell you?

  • Polaroid SX-70: I dont get it... May you help me?

    lightblue tarafından 2011-04-07 tarihinde yazıldı
    Polaroid  SX-70: I dont get it... May you help me?

    Well, i recently bought a Polaroid SX-70 and a film for it. But the pics don't go darker... go pinker... and the process stops abou 30m after i take the picture!

  • My First Best Picture!

    lightblue tarafından 2011-03-25 tarihinde yazıldı
    My First Best Picture!

    Well, it seems that I am one of the lucky ones: my "first best picture " came with my first roll in my first Lomo camera! :) More specifically, Diana F + loaded with Lomography X-pro 200!

  • Playground Love

    lightblue tarafından 2011-03-24 tarihinde yazıldı
    Playground Love

    I love you so much as the first time. Eight years elapsed, you're still my playground love. ♥