I was grow up on a Smena and Praktica. As a kid always dream to have a Japanese photo camera.It was definitely 1976 when in Vienna buy my first Minolta... later a Nikon and Canon.After 25 year's professional work never think to ever use a Russian photo cameras hehehe.Come back was in July 2008. January 2009 lost my job in a newspaper, and become a full time lomographer. Back to the past, it's working ! Life is not habostorta ! "A nemzetközi helyzet egyre fokozódik - the international situation is becoming increasingly adapted!"
Ami elhagyható, azt el is kell hagyni !
As can leave, and should be left ! Live near Hungary (10 minutes by car). I'm in You Tube :

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  • Albüm: Van Dyke brown

    novakmisi tarafından, 2012-04-11 tarihinde paylaşıldı · 24 Fotoğraf
  • Albüm: Cyanotype

    novakmisi tarafından, 2012-04-10 tarihinde paylaşıldı · 21 Fotoğraf
  • Albüm: Storm

    novakmisi tarafından, 2012-02-22 tarihinde paylaşıldı · 2 Fotoğraf
  • Albüm: Salted Paper Print

    novakmisi tarafından, 2012-02-10 tarihinde paylaşıldı · 1 Fotoğraf
  • Albüm: Shopping

    novakmisi tarafından, 2012-01-31 tarihinde paylaşıldı · 40 Fotoğraf
  • Albüm: Retro Pub

    novakmisi tarafından, 2012-01-27 tarihinde paylaşıldı · 40 Fotoğraf

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