#2017 #pinhole #6x6 #RealitySoSubtle6x6F #fujichrome #fuji100 #whidbey Pinhole shots from this fall and early Winter on Whidbey Island, using old and expired films found inside old cameras given to me.

6x6 fuji100 fujichrome pinhole realitysosubtle6x6f whidbey
Reality So Subtle 6x6 pinhole

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  1. fisheyemary
    fisheyemary ·

    I only recently found out about this pinhole camera and I'm really excited!! Think I'm gonna get one! Do you find it easy to compose with no view finder??

  2. lorrainehealy
    lorrainehealy ·

    @fisheyemary No! It’s hard to get used to because it’s so wide! I am 30cm away from the log and it looks much farther!!! You have to get used to getting really really close or else take along a camera with a similar lens length (17mm)... But I think it’s worth it

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