tidung island

Tidung Island is part of Thousand islands located in the western South. The island which is part of Jakarta consists of two islands, namely Tidung, Tidung Big and small. To achieve this, we can go from the port of Muara Angke, which is located in Jakarta, using the public boat with rates USD3,3. From Muara angke, boats leave every morning at 07.15 Western Indonesian Time.

About 3 hours we can arrive in Pulau Tidung but dont worry about boredom because along the way the island would be an interesting scene, including a group of birds that catch fish in the sea. Arriving at the port of Great Tidung, we can walked toward the inn. The fee from $20-$30/night, its very cheap. ^o^

In this island we can rent bikes/day with $1/bike. But we must becareful among these bikes there is no brakes function properly. haha lol
Biking on this island is fairly easy and very interesting, because, although the terrain of flat roads, even houses in the area of paying block road, the view left and right most row of palm trees and green pine beautiful.

Along the road infrastructure is also seen quite a neat and orderly. Great Tidung satisfied around, the bridge that connects the island with Tidung small.
The bridge made of wood form the many twists and curves along hundreds of meters. The bridge is the best place to swing away with the charm of Tidung island as a whole.

Tidung area and headed for the bridge, souvernir shop that sells various kinds of handicrafts and souvenirs typical tidung island. A few hundred yards from the store there is a long road to the right as the best spot you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise.

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