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    Good as gold @hernanrades @chrisftas @vanc @ieng_x700 @brutenbursche @frareras @aka_papu @marcbessant @roaringtree @rplandri @thandpuk_sukyvang @mlchaelbexley @macaliillegea @rewd @yago56 @analog_bw

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    ... guess yes, but otherwise your reaction would be different.
    learn or leave, i don't care, but don't pretend to be a cool guy, you ain't!

  5. stereograph
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    @stevejack0 no its your tone! you call me intolerent, yes i am because you're towards the whole idea.
    being here 5 years posting the same 5 boring perfect shots again and again!
    feel me, ...

  6. stevejack0
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    Pentax 17 anyone?

  7. zorki
  8. wil6ka
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    Guadelupe (Mexico #19)…

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  11. crismiranda
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  18. steamtug1959
  19. steamtug1959
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    @stevejack0 i love this Photo:

  20. stevejack0
    stevejack0 · · Reply…

    Lomo or not or doesn't matter?

  21. -dakota-
    -dakota- · · Reply I love the lo-fi effect of the Holga.The blurriness and vignetting are dreamy, just as the camera claimed.I've never had light leaks though!

  22. -dakota-
    -dakota- · · Reply
    Velvia 50 has always been one of my favorite films for xpro. This one expired 10 years ago, but it worked well!

  23. dr_reineke
  24. stevejack0
  25. steamtug1959
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    @mackiechartres that´s nice, have fun!!!

  26. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 · · Reply

    Our community is fantastic because there are many specialties in photography. Analog photography is becoming less and less common, and we should stay united instead of dividing...

  27. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 · · Reply

    Chef in a restaurant: "I like your Photos - you must have a good Camera." Helmut Newton (after the Meal): "The Food was excellent - you definitely have good Pots."

  28. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 · · Reply

    Lomography has evolved (Petzval, Lensbaby, Neptune, etc.), and good Photos have nothing to do with the Price of the Camera. Days ago I entered Lomo-Camera-Photos that prove this..

  29. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 · · Reply

    @mackiechartres tha´s nice, have fun!!!

  30. zorki
    zorki · · Reply

    Enjoy your stay in Osaka @mackiechartres! I hope you'll take a lot of great pictures there🙂

  31. mackiechartres
    mackiechartres · · Reply

    no uploads today for me today, and for the next 2 coming weeks, I am about to fly to Osaka, I'll be back in July ! take care !

  32. mackiechartres
    mackiechartres · · Reply

    thanks for the links 👍 and whatever your skills and techniques are, I really dig your uploads folks, @stevejack0 @stereograph @schwarzesauge @steamtug1959 @zorki and so on...

  33. zorki
  34. zorki
    zorki · · Reply

    @schwarzesauge: I found two old notes from 2014. They might be interesting for context:

  35. stevejack0
    stevejack0 · · Reply

    Looks pretty lomo but because i used an expensive camera it isn't?…

  36. stevejack0
    stevejack0 · · Reply

    @stevejack0 I have to make photos you like?

  37. stevejack0
    stevejack0 · · Reply

    @stereograph WTF are you on about! So I have to leave this site because you don't like my boring photos?

  38. stereograph
    stereograph · · Reply

    @stevejack0 you think this look at your photos, perfect boringness with a 5000$ Camera.
    this is lomo not flickR!
    Deal: buy a Holga and show me what you can, let's meet at hignnoon on mainstreet!

  39. stevejack0
    stevejack0 · · Reply

    @stereograph No one thinks analogue is the same as lomo photography but it isn't chalk and cheese. It's more like cheese and yoghurt and luckily I'm not dairy/analogue intolerant, so I'm eating it all

  40. schwarzesauge
    schwarzesauge · · Reply

    I guess there is more than one answer. The mindset itself, the overall culture, the economcs, .. I don't know. But at least we can continue taking imperfect, strange, crazy & blurry photos ;-)

  41. schwarzesauge
    schwarzesauge · · Reply

    But, of course, I agree with @stereograph It has to do a lot with the mindset. The question is why people are less willing to make experiments, to make mistakes and lucky mistakes?

  42. schwarzesauge
    schwarzesauge · · Reply

    only somehow okay, you maybe put your feet back in the digital water.

  43. schwarzesauge
    schwarzesauge · · Reply

    not true for beginners. when you only start dipping your feet into the lomo-water, things like the prices for film, for camera, for develpoment cann be quite important. and if the first results are

  44. schwarzesauge
    schwarzesauge · · Reply

    @mackiechartres @stereograph this is maybe true for you and me. I'm shooting for quite a long time. It is something that is somehow important for me. So it also ok to spend money. but this is maybe

  45. mackiechartres
    mackiechartres · · Reply

    as a personal conclusion : as I already said, every camera (and every film) is worth using it. and we are all different here, boredom only arises from uniformity !

  46. mackiechartres
    mackiechartres · · Reply

    @stereograph Yes, Lomography & photography are not exactly the same - I noticed it when "serious" amateurs made fun of me about it (not here, eh) - but I don't care. I like to practice both.

  47. mackiechartres
    mackiechartres · · Reply

    want to save money? shoot b&w, develop it yourself, and there you go. also consider buying expired color. or home rolled kodak vision3. i buy those at 7$.

  48. mackiechartres
    mackiechartres · · Reply

    i don't consider myself as an artist, but the price I have to pay for films and cams is part of what i do. i do not have the choice. and that said, i take photos & publish them almost every day.

  49. mackiechartres
    mackiechartres · · Reply

    @schwarzesauge @zorki I agree wit @stereograph about the cost. Yes, its is expensive, but so are other hobbys, imo. I heard to guys today discussing about the price of playing tennis...

  50. stereograph
    stereograph · · Reply

    ... many people thing that lomo & analogue photoraphy are the same, and that's wrong!
    To produce pristine photos from textbook with analogue methods is just anachronism but not lomo or lo-fi!

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