In 2016, during a trip in Sicily, I discovered the Sprocket Rocket for sale in Siracusa : a shock !!!

Analog photography was not dead ! Not burried by short life artificial digital picture takers. It came at a moment I deeply needed to stimulate my brain and my creativity. So back to film...
As you always go back to what you liked in the past, I searched for what I had when I was 14 years old, which were Mamiya ZM with Sekkor 35-70, Soviet YMA enlarger, Ilford films/chemistry/paper.

So I searched on Lomography for more, and I discovered panoramic cameras (Horizon Perfekt), point-and-shoot (Olympus Trip 35), rangefinders (Zorki), pinhole cameras (Noon 612).... and films I had no idea : aerial film, sound film... as well as old processes : cyanotype, tintype, palladium...
So now I can't stop buying old cameras and new films, and trying odd ways to get an image !!!!

But always in lack of time to do what I want. So, sorry, I won't have time to shout in the box to say thank you but I do appreciate !!

Mostly I like sharp contrast in black and white revealing strong lines.
If you like what I saw, I'm always pleased.
Welcome in my eyes.
Proud of being LOTD/POTD/POTW

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