Alain (born 1964), France.
Minolta SRT-101 (1969).
Zorki 4 (1972).
Olympus OM-1 (1976).
Konica AutoreflexTC (1977).
Beier Beirette VSN (1979).
Canon AL-1QF (1982).
Minolta X-300 (1984).
Fuji STX-2 (1986).
Minolta MD 50mm f1.7
Minolta Rokkor MC 35mm f2.8
Vivitar 28-85mm f3.5-4.5 MD mount.
Vivitar 200mm f3.5 MD mount.
Foca MC-4 2x Minolta MD mount.
Olympus Zuiko OM 35-70mm f4
Olympus Zuiko OM 50mm f1.8
Olympus Zuiko OM 28mm f2.8
Olympus Zuiko OM 135mm f3.5
Olympus teleconverter 2x OM mount.
Hexanon 50mm f1.8 Konica AR mount.
Fujinon 50mm f1.9 X-mount.
Fujinon 28mm EBC f3.5 X-mount.
Canon 50mm f2 FD mount.
Foca HR-7 2x-macro Canon FD mount.
Jupiter-8 50mm f2 M39 mount.
I keep the AL-1 and X-300 for sentimental reasons but I use exclusively 100% mechanical cameras on manual mode. Sunny16 most of the time or with a Leningrad selenium meter. I shoot color films and convert the scans to B&W. I only leave the color if it's pertinent. I scan my negs with my phone and use the Photo-Editor app for editing. Unless they show recognisable people, feel free to download, share and print my photos as you want. Have a great day !

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