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  1. annika_schwermut
    annika_schwermut ·

    Sooo inspiring!

  2. lovehatelove
    lovehatelove ·

    @annika_schwermut thank u :-) but, ¿why? i don't understand jajj :(

  3. annika_schwermut
    annika_schwermut ·

    @lovehatelove I really really like the colours and the blurred background. For me this is such an interesting expression! :) A really strong portrait.

  4. lovehatelove
    lovehatelove ·

    @annika_schwermut oh <3 thank u so much. the colores are so strong, it is a photo with a great film and lens. this person in portrait is me, a friend took the photo. grateful for your comment :-)

  5. annika_schwermut
    annika_schwermut ·

    @lovehatelove you're welcome : )

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