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    Holga 120 CFN // Lomography Color Slide/X-Pro 200 exp. 05/2018 // Tekin 6/8 2018 // Pixlar 075182-5458

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    model: Dominika Zblewska mua: Lili Rose bling: [cross processed Ilford XP2]

  • Holga, shoes

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    Holga, Shoes

  • Église fortifiée Saint-Martial, Rudelle, France.

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  • The girl from the past

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    These pics are a big mystery for me. I shot this film more than a year ago. But I didn't find time to develop it. Now I did. These are definitely not photos I shot. The film was expired in the 70ies. And look the hairstyle and the dress of the girl. A time warp from the seventies. But how did this pics came into my film? And what happened with my pics? And where do these colors come from?

  • mi gatito

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    #35mm #PentaxK100 #Kodak #ProImage

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    Different places make different memories. Is amazing how a photo can take you away to that moment. You can smell and feel what you feel when you was there, in that special moment :) These ones were taken during like 1 or 2 months in my daily life during 2015 #mexico #xochitlelvira #soyalquimia #heylomography #lhotd #outdoor #proplus200 #olympusaf10 #nature #streetphotography #filmisalive #ishootfilm #analoguevibes #analogphoto #memories #moments #color #fun

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    olympic #zenitttl

  • She fills the room with laughter

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    Didn't think much of this particular photo until I saw the old cover of Batman comic book with Joker and HaHa!(s) in the background, and that was it, I knew how to make this photo say what I meant.

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  • Summertime

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  • Oh Mama

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    lomochromepurple, woods, woodland, hippy, trees, lake, summer, lightleaks, lomo,

  • The Village, Karsi Kunda

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    The best trip

  • More Kittens

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    More kittens. This time on some expired(1976) Kodak Plus-x

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    #pinhole #sea #baltic #driftwoodpinhole

  • windmill

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  • Hometown Panos

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    A panowalk

  • Lomography LomoChrome Turquoise - lighthouse

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    Here is a simple DIY hyper-macro tip: #allyouneed is a combo of two lenses and a steady hand. No matter what lenses they are, and no matter if one of them isn't suitable for your camera. #1 Mount the heaviest one on and #2 use it at an aperture that allows the shutter to be fast enough to avoid motion blurs. #3 Now take the other lens #4 set it at full aperture (or not if you like the "vignette" effect i got, but remember: darker view means slower shutter) #5 reverse it against the edge of the mounted lens and keep it in position (Try to match the edges. EG: 49mm inside a 52mm diameter. Whatever, just try to keep 'em alligned) #6. Now you can get really very f*** close to your subject and try to find the focus (play with the focus rings of your lenses: the closer you'll set both the focus points, the closer you'll be able to spy your subject) #depthoffield is very shallow as you can see, but it leads to a breathtaking #bokeh I hope everything's undestandable. Ask any question! All you see is just as it came from the scanner.

  • Dom Knigi ("House of the Book")

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    St. Petersburg's largest and most famous bookshop, Dom Knigi ("House of the Book") occupies one of the most beautiful buildings on Nevsky Prospekt - the Singer Company Building, an innovative and richly decorated Art Nouveau masterpiece. The site at the intersection of Nevsky Prospekt and the Griboedov Canal, opposite Kazan Cathedral, was the location of the riding school of Duke Ernst Johann von Biron, the powerful favourite of Empress Anna. When this building burnt down, it was replaced by three-storey residential building, where St. Petersburg's first photographer, Sergey Levitskiy, had his workshops in the 1850s. In 1902, the plot of land was bought for a million rubles by Singer Manufacturing Company, the world-famous maker of sewing machines.Dom Knigi, the main state bookseller, was opened in the building in 1938. During the Siege of Leningrad, the shop continued to operate even when a bomb was dropped on the neighbouring building, shattering all of Dom Knigi's windows and flooding the storage rooms. It was only in the winter of 1941 that the shop, lacking electricity and heating, closed temporarily. The building was closed in 1948 to repair war damage, and again for restoration in the middle of the last decade. Otherwise, it has been St. Petersburg's most popular bookshop for over seventy years.

  • Contact Sheet #3 - Attempt at Continuous Shooting

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    Some contact sheets I made for a Holga project. Looking at them now, I realize that I had a fierce light leak in my camera that I must have (somehow) fixed when I covered it in zebra-stripe fabric. I want that light leak back! My camera works too well now. ^__~

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    #lomolca #pieceofsummer #wood #dog #people #nature #town

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    Boedefeld;Hochsauerlandkreis;NRW;Germany; Summer 2015

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  • Me and my Holga and Yosemite

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    Yosemite National Park Experiments, 2015

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    When I first started using film cameras I used to develop my own films using Tetenal C41 kits and then scan them using a flatbed scanner. Since then I learned that my local lab would develop them for me and scan them to cd using they're equipment and the results were so much better. These films I developed myself but the lab scanned them for me.

  • Silence Between

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    Cafe Berlin

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    one week trip from Shanghai to Saigon and Muine, at least 6 rolls, two cameras (canon EOS 3000 N, nikon F-301), I haven't been meticulous enough to remember witch film for what pic.

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    one week trip from Shanghai to Saigon and Muine, at least 6 rolls, two cameras (canon EOS 3000 N, nikon F-301), I haven't been meticulous enough to remember witch film for what pic.

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  • Tuscany

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    Trip to Tuscany

  • Tmax100 Pushed

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    LCW Kodak Tmax100 Pushed 400ISO R09 (1+25)

  • Tmax100 Pushed

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    LCW Kodak Tmax100 Pushed 400ISO R09 (1+25)

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